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Pokémon GO’s Gen 2 Is Making Big Money For The Game Again

There are 8 new Gen 2 monsters in , and people are out in force to catch them. After some early waffling has traveled back up the charts, reaching no. 1 on Apple’s US App store and no. 3 on Google Play, both spots that come with a big payday for whichever developer is holding them down — a quick survey of worldwide charts shows similar upward momentum. The introduction of new creatures gives the world of a fresh infusion of life after months of stagnation, and it doesn’t hurt that the game has seen some nice quality of life improvements since the time many people played last, as well. For right now, at least, things are rosy.

This is important for Niantic: the app seemed stuck down in the low teens over the weekend, raising important question marks about just how many people were still interested in collecting new virtual monsters. At the time, it seemed like maybe there were fewer than before. I’m beginning to think that had more to do with the fact that the developer didn’t send push notifications until a few days after the actual launch, because this bump would seem to roughly correlate with those notifications. works with a more casual base than some other games, and these people are less likely to be obsessively checking twitter for updates. On top of that, the big player drop-off means that ingame notifications were likely to be missed as well.

This is not, however, the end of any debates. I always expected would hit back up to #1 after the release of Gen 2: previous events have had similar galvanizing effects on the playerbase, and this is far and away the biggest event yet. The real question is how long it will stay there, though. The game still has all the problems that led us here in the first place: pointless combat, lack of meaningful progression and almost no actual social features, to name a few. Right now, I wouldn’t expect to finish the week at #1, though I could easily be wrong.

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