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Harlem mom jailed for Zymere Perkins’ death claims Rikers correction officers set up sex assault by ‘especially violent’ inmate

Geraldine Perkins (c.), in a notice of claim ahead of a planned lawsuit against the city, alleged “correction officers who were assigned to watch over (her) did nothing to stop the abuse.”

The accused is now the accuser.

A Harlem mom jailed in the savage beating death of her 6-year-old son claims that she was set up by correction officers at Rikers Island for a violent sexual assault by a fellow inmate.

Geraldine Perkins, in a notice of claim ahead of a planned lawsuit against the city, alleged “correction officers who were assigned to watch over (her) did nothing to stop the abuse.”

And some, she charges, actually “took material steps to facilitate” the sexual attack by an “especially violent” inmate named Alexandria James.

The alleged assailant created a homemade sexual device that she used to penetrate Perkins, who was supposedly under protective custody at the time of the April attack.

“My client was the target of premeditated criminal conduct,” her attorney Aaron Rubin told the Daily News.

The lawsuit will accuse the city, the Department of Correction and as-yet-unidentified correction officers.

“The notice of claim will be reviewed,” said city Law Department spokesman Nick Paolucci.

According to the documents, Rikers correction officers “utilized James as an enforcer to intimidate other females inmates … while deliberately turning a blind eye to the consequences.”

The alleged attack was reported to the Bronx district attorney’s office, according to a source familiar with the incident.

A spokeswoman for the prosecutor declined comment on whether the reported attack was under investigation.

James, 32, rang up a half-dozen criminal complaints over the last year for assaulting or spitting at correction officers.

Front page of the New York Daily News for September 28, 2016.

Perkins, 26, was arrested along with her hulking boyfriend Rysheim Smith, 42, after the beating death of her adorable son Zymere in September.

The muscle-bound Smith was accused of second-degree murder for beating the boy with a broken broomstick and his bare hands after Zymere went to the bathroom in an ice bucket.

He then hung the dying boy by his T-shirt from a hook on the bathroom door as Perkins watched — but did nothing to protect her son, authorities said.

Perkins also admitting to hitting the helpless little boy, and failing to summon help for hours after Zymere’s death. She was charged with manslaughter in the case.

The boy’s vicious killing led to a massive shakeup at the city Administration for Children’s Services, with a city investigation exposing “a troubling series of lapses.”

According to the notice of claim, Perkins was yanked from her regular housing unit three months ago based on a bogus report of a jailhouse altercation.

She was never charged or issued a violation, with the jail staff instead using the phony infraction as a pretext to put Perkins into a terrifying situation.

Rikers staff and correction officers “continually transferred, intimidated, moved and harassed” Perkins while threatening to place her in a cell with the intimidating James.

“Although Perkins strenuously protested a confinement with James, Rikers Island followed through on its threat,” the documents allege.

On April 16, Perkins was placed in a cell with James in an isolated section of Rikers Island where she was “raped and sexually assaulted,” the documents allege.