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Danny Dyer Cheats Again! Sent Vulgar Pictures Of His Manhood To A Fan

Danny Dyer is in a hot seat after a young mother in her early thirties broke her silence on the star’s womanizing habit. The mom, who was a hardcore fan of Danny Dyer, reported that the actor sent a series of flirty messages and ended their chat with Danny sending vulgar pictures of his manhood to her.

Danny Dyer is embroiled in another cheating scandal

The 39-year-old actor has been forced to quit the soap, EastEnders after the show’s bosses told him to “sort his life out.” This wasn’t the first time Danny has been caught in a cheating scandal. In fact, he has slept with numerous women despite being a father of three children. We salute his wife and childhood sweetheart, Joanne Mas, for being still supportive and forgiving of his husband’s rash behavior.

Their 20-year relationship has hit the lowest of the low as Danny continues his womanizing streak. However, things were brighter when they got engaged in March 2015, with Joanne doing the proposal. They tied the knot in September 2016 with their eldest daughter, Dani, 19 as the maid-of-honor, Sunnie, nine was one of their bridesmaids while little Art, two, was the couple’s page boy.

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We were certain that the family will start anew with their dad being back and all. Yet, a young woman claims that she and Danny had a series of late-night sex texts nine weeks before the wedding. The woman, who is in her early thirties, said that she met the actor when she went to a book signing event in Essex the previous year. Since then, they have been using Twitter to exchange conversations and being a fan of the actor, they went on to meet at a number of events in which Danny made his guest appearances.

His late-night sex tests with a fan

They were texting in lovey-dovey messages but the scandal eventually heated up when Dyer would ask for sex videos of the young mom telling her, “You look proper sexy.” He would also use his east London dialect to refer to her breasts as “lills” and asking her to “bend over and show me that bottle” which is a slang word for bum. After a series of explicit texts, Danny then sent the woman a vulgar photo of his manhood poking from his Calvin Klein boxers.

A close friend of the woman told The Sun, “She was flattered, but now feels worthless. She’s heartbroken. She genuinely thought something might happen with him. She didn’t have sex for the period he was messaging her, as she thought she was saving herself for him. She was so excited, but he totally led her on. He was just playing games with her when he was drunk or wanted attention but she saw the best in him.”

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The pal also called Danny a “cheat” for using his celebrity status to play with women. Well, so much for the heartbreak.

The EastEnders star hasn’t commented yet on the issue.

Joanne Mas still takes him back after years of affairs

She’s probably doing it for the children, but we’re amazed by how she still manages to forgive him after all those years of affairs, even to the point of being the one who proposed to him. They sold the exclusive rights of their marriage to magazine Hello!

Therefore, guests had their phones confiscated during the big day so Dyer’s contract with the magazine won’t be jeopardized.

“To be here standing here with the girl I grew up with—looking so beautiful—is a lovely thing. Jo is my best girl, the love of my life. Without her, I would be nothing,” he said to the mag.

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